Monday, August 31, 2009

My DreaM neaRly come true!!

ahhaaa...suda lama tak menulis dalam blog..kih3:-P
terlupa la sbb sibuk sangat dengan test dan final year projek aku...hihihi

bercakap psal final year projek..there something special about it..:-P

i got my dream project!!! yiiiihaaaaaa!!!(^-^)

my project name.."conceptual PEM fuel cell car"..
although it is only conceptual,for me..its a start for everything
something is good than nothing rite??hihii;-)

i'm very looking forward to it and hoping that my team,namely blue team by my supervisor will be the best team ever..huh;-)

as for reader information,from my younger's day..i'm very hoping to make my car,according to what i thought and taste..
maybe god on my site,alhamdulillah...He give me the chance to learn by the specialist which is my lecturers that also in the team.the team consist of 15 advisors lecturers and in this intake,we only have 14student and the student were divided into 2 groups..;-)

just before i forgotten,PEM fuel cell is not a new things in engineering..but for what that i had already read,it is still new for automotive industry..and it is interesting!!wheee~:-P

my point of research for this project were powerplant,which means the part to generate the power to the this situation,im really appreciate if reader like you can give some comment and idea for me to help me get some idea of what i can inovate;-)

my supervisor target maybe look to hard to be achieve..but anything can happen rite?;-)
the target was 0-100km/hour in 3sec which equal to 28meter/sec...
if u can imagine,the speed of our dream car will be half more faster than the 100m runner!
5sec within 100m range! really shock about it but the harder it is,the better it would be..hahahaha:'D

i take my friend word as a spirit for me to go forward when i face any hard situation..which is...

"carbon which is dark and cheap to get will become a diamond if it keep being pressured and heated..."thanks pal for giving me this words;-)

My dream car...

what if this become "archer"..hihihi:-P


could be inspiration of mine...

this is not my design but my first design during the selection
is nearly like this..*wink*;-)

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